Episode 1: Passionately and Ineloquently


In this inaugural episode, we talk about the show, ourselves, and how we became music fans. Specifically, we’re talking about “the band(s) that ruined us,” learning to actively listen, picking up instruments, the intersection of novelty music and experimental music, and the passing of MCA of The Beastie Boys.

New To Us this week, are Grimes, Sharon Van Etten, and Propaganda. New To You are The Fatima Mansions, Morphine, and Peter Ivers.

Show Notes





  1. Welcome to the Interwebs … I enjoyed listening to your inaugural broadcast this morning at 4:30am, while traveling from home to XPN for my morning shift … great memories! Congratulations !!

  2. I used to listen to Dr. Demento while under the covers as a young gal…I can agree with much of this, but I wouldn’t do so publically. 😉 Rock on, dorkboiz.

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