Lost Episode 4: “Attempted Killer Music” with Matt Keeley and DEVO


Far from just being one of the original co-hosts of Crush On Radio, Matt’s had a huge impact on me and the music I listen to. I was so happy to have him on the show again, especially since he wanted to talk about DEVO, the band we probably both adore most. So, yes, it’s a lot of nerding out about a very nerdy band, but this was still a fun episode to do.

Original Show Notes

0:03:14 – Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

Rich and Matt rejoin to fulfill a threat, or a promise, from the early days of Crush On Radio: to talk about DEVO. Specifically, Matt’s first DEVO record: Oh, No! It’s DEVO.

0:09:14 – The Beginning Was The End

Matt’s first listen, and the DEVO / Weird Al connection. Plus, the Great DEVO Fan Debate: When did DEVO begin to go downhill. (And an XTC digression)

0:16:58 – (Almost) Full-On Synthesizer

The Oh, No! It’s DEVO sound, the lack of guitar parts, and the production side of things. A brief discussion of DEVO Fandom, fan slang terms, and the Chicago problem of identically titled albums. Plus, the Infamous 3-DEVO Show, visual art and music, and how a band’s music needs to stand up without the music.

0:32:46 – Visits from the FBI

The story of “I Desire,” and Matt’s story about it. Then, a discussion of Roy Thomas Baker’s role in the album production—or lack thereof, and the role of the producer in an album. (Plus, Chicago-style pizza.)

0:46:00 – The Things You Love Always Hurt You

Matt’s DEVO conversion, and growing as a DEVO fan. Finally, some remembrances of Alan Myers and Bob Casale, and how DEVO shaped both of our lives.

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