Lost Episode 5: “It Just Existed Like the Clouds” with Jeff Winner and Pink Floyd


Jeff was the first person to do something I’d hoped to do a lot of with this version of Crush On Radio… talk about an album he didn’t like… albeit still an influential album on his life. Plus some awesome musical connections tied with Jeff’s career as a musical researcher, archivist, and other cool things.

Original Show Notes


This week, Rich chats with music and film producer, music researcher, and Raymond Scott archivist, Jeff E. Winner.


Jeff talks about his childhood musical development, leading up to his album—Ummagumma. Find out what happens when a class of Kindergarteners get exposed to Pink Floyd.


Music politics: censorship, experimental music, and how we connect with music. What does “mainstream” even mean today?


Rich’s Pink Floyd Story, and how he got burned out on The Wall, and some of his other musical mistakes, and how we discover music. Segueing into how Jeff discovered and became a Raymond Scott scholar.


Jeff updates us on Raymond Scott’s Electronium, the analog, artificial-intelligence music creating computer.


Jeff also fills us in on his involvement in the DEVO Documentary, and the sequel to the classic cult film Forbidden Zone.

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