Another bit of Episode 2 Errata


steve albini of shellacIn Episode 2 I (Matt) corrected Rich when he said, talking about Steve Albini‘s Reddit AMA, that producers don’t get royalties.  It turns out we were both correct:  While in general producers DO get a production royalty, Steve Albini refuses:

“I don’t take royalties because I am ethically opposed to them as a means of compensation. I think they unfairly siphon money from a band who has earned it. It is patently ridiculous to work on a record for a couple of weeks in a secondary capacity and get paid for it in perpetuity. I prefer to set a price for my time and get paid like anybody else who works for a living.”

(quote from the AMA, but pointed out by the Onion AV Club)

So there you go — just keepin’ me honest!

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