Crush On Radio Returns!


To all our dozen fans, Crush On Radio is back, and now it’s on They’ve graciously offered to add the show to their network, including taking over the funderful task of audio editing. So, I’m glad to announce that “Season 3” of Crush On Radio is now live!

As you may remember from our final episode of Season 2, the format for Crush On Radio has changed a bit. Instead of a three-person conversation, it’s now a one-on-one interview with really cool people about the albums that are important to them. You’ll probably hear from Andrew and Matt again in the future, but for now, it’s just me and my guest.

The first guest, by the way, is a doozy: Merlin Mann. He’s half of the amazing podcasts Back to Work, and Roderick on the Line. He wrote 43 Folders, the site that got me to switch to the Mac. He was also in a band, Bacon Ray, who once opened for the band we talk about on the inaugural episode: The Wrens.

Merlin is a huge fan, and he joined me to talk about The Meadowlands, the Wrens third album, released in 2003, seven years after their last one. He played it incessantly while building 43 Folders, and it has a lot of lessons about how hard it is to be a grown-up, make art, and get paid. It’s also a really awesome rock and roll album.

So, check it out and leave us a review on iTunes! If you’re already subscribed, the feed should switch over automatically.

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