Crush On Radio is a bi-weekly podcast about being a music fan, and all that entails. Hosts and music geeks Richard J. Anderson, Andrew Marvin, and Matt Keeley talk about what they love, what they don’t, and—most importantly—why.

Our theme song is “Crush On Radio” by Visqueen.

Technical Information

The show is recorded over Skype, using Piezo. All audio editing is done with Audacity. The site is powered by WordPress, with the BluBerry PowerPress plugin for podcast support. We’re hosted by MediaTemple.

Our hardware is a motley mix of Apple computers, and various USB microphones.

Copyright Stuff

The show’s content is copyright Crush On Radio, which is to say the three hosts share copyright. All songs used are copyright their original artists and all appropriate rights holders, and used under United States Fair Use law for criticism and educational purposes.

Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, don’t sue us.