Episode 12: A Bass and a Lot of Screaming

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Heavy Medical - Circle of Hope, Philadelphia 3/23/2012

This week, the Crush on Radio crew talk about their favorite albums from the year 1996, despite two-thirds of them having been up late and being terribly sleep deprived. Also discussed: why two-thirds of us were sleep deprived, the finer points of the Primus discography, Rich’s Hot weekend (seeing Hot Guts and Hot Chip on consecutive nights), folk music, bass as a solo instrument, the Bellingham music scene in relation to Seattle and to the other side of the country, listening to angry music at two-thirty in the morning, and much more, including your favorite albums of 1996 as well.

Picks this week are: Victor Wooten, Bill Fox, and The Posies

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  • KS Tumblr
  • The Posies
  • Other potentials:
    • Belle & Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister
    • Cracker – The Golden Age
    • Eels – Beautiful Freak
    • John Cale – Walking on Locusts
    • The Lightning Seeds – Dizzy Heights (this one was very very close to being the pick)
    • Pet Shop Boys – Bilingual
    • The Refreshments – Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy
    • Republica – S/T
    • Rutles – Archaeology
    • Soul Coughing – Irresistible Bliss
    • The Sugarplastic – Bang, The Earth Is Round
    • Takako Minekawa – Roomic Cube
    • Too Much Joy – …finally (This was another that was very very close)
    • Ween – 12 Golden Country Greats
  • The Minus 5/Young Fresh Fellows
  • Phil Ochs
  • Buckethead
  • The Posies – Golden Blunders

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