Lost Episode 2: Patrick Rhone and Jesus Christ Superstar


Patrick Rhone is literally the nicest man on the Internet. As soon as Episode 1 dropped, he asked me to be on the show, and how could I say no? He is a man of incredible depths, and he loves musicals. I’m super grateful for Patrick… in general, really, but agreeing to do a podcast with me was just the cake.

Original Show Notes:

Patrick Rhone joins Crush On Radio to discuss Jesus Christ Superstar—the musical, the film, the album, all of it. Well, mostly the film soundtrack, as we only had so much time.

0:00:00 The Nicest Guy on the Internet

Introducing Patrick Rhone, the Nicest Guy on the Internet, and the near-impossible task of picking albums that are important to a music fan. I never said this would be easy.

0:03:07 Completely Out of Left Field

Patrick introduces us to Jesus Christ Superstar, and his own personal history of living in the theatre world.

0:08:56 Bowls of Some Substance

Patrick talks about the 1973 film, its premise, and how it ties in to the zeitgeist of the period. Also, there’s a rathole on Godspell. Things get heavy and religious, as one can expect.

0:22:46 Failed Revolution

How Jesus Christ Superstar connects to the 60s social revolution, and the heavier revolutions of the 70s. Things get heavy and political. Find out how hippiedom connects with the Jesus narrative.

0:29:40 44 Years

Jesus Christ Superstar today, 44 years later. Plus, another rathole on record hunting and discovering music.

0:40:51 Wrapping It All Up

Back to Jesus Christ Superstar, and the film specifically. Plus, music fans knowing more about the bands than even the band! Finally, Patrick leaves us with a list of some of his favorite musicals.

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