Lost Episode 3: “In The Gaps and the Niches” with Ben Alexander and The Postal Service


Ben Alexander was the guy who ran Constellation.fm and helped shepherd the short Crush On Radio third season into the world. This was a fascinating talk on how discovering music changed, along with some weird musical synchronicity in our lives. Ben seems to have disappeared from the Internets, but if you’re out there, say hi. You’re missed.

Original Show Notes

Ben Alexander joins Rich to discuss The Postal Service’s first (and only) album Give Up, which ends up into a discussion of music discovery in the pre- and post-Internet age.

0:01:03 It’s Been Invigorating

The almost anonymous ubiquity of The Postal Service, and the darkness of music, post 9/11.

0:09:05 We Have Great Bands And They Leave

The discovery process for music, and how the world of music gets smaller in the early 2000s, shifting from radio to the Internet.

0:18:22 We Can Talk About The Album

Actually talking about Give Up, and analog and digital.

25:18 Music Production is Officially Democratized

The production of Give Up and the movement to digital music production—limitations and the lack thereof.

0:33:45 Would You Recognize Ben Gibbard On The Street

Popular music in the Internet age, being a music celebrity (or not), and what make s a band, then and now.

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