Lost Episode 6: “Because of MySpace” with Myke Hurley and The Arctic Monkeys


And now, we come to the final, and the most lost, of all the Lost Episodes of Crush On Radio. Myke needs no introduction if you’re into podcasts, and he was interested in guesting as soon as Patrick guested. Scheduling this one was hard, especially with his crazy schedule—Myke was still working full-time—and the whole time zone difference thing. This one was also marred with some nasty recording problems, and then, the podcast network kinda fell apart. Well, it’s here now, for the world to hear…

About a year after I wrapped up Crush On Radio, Myke did his own podcast run asking people about their favorite albums. And he did it better than me, too.

Original Show Notes

0:01:56 Painting My Life

An introduction to Myke Hurkey, and to Arctic Monkeys, how they’ve painted his life.

0:09:07 The Nightlife in Sheffield

The backstory of Whatever People Say I Am… and the stories in the songs. Plus, Arctic Monkeys live shows.

0:17:57 They’re Big Now

Singles versus albums, then and now, and Myke’s early history with AM—parties, piracy, and MySpace

0:28:35 The Fastest Selling Album in the UK

A discussion of MySpace as music discovery, and the lack of a centralized place to find bands in a social way. Followed by a discussion of the differenced between the British and US music industries.

0:36:19 Fast, Fast Music

Returning to the album, and music about enjoying yourself.

0:43:46 More About Love

Myke talks about growing up, and how Arctic Monkeys have grown up alongside him.

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